Microsoft Teams Integration

VTEL and Teams Integration

Are you thinking to replace your PBXs to Microsoft Teams?
There is a better way!
VTEL offers an easy, centralized, and profit-optimized way to adapt fixed networks for MS Teams.
Teams Direct Routing and VTEL PBX

  • Connection from the Carrier to Microsoft Teams Cloud
  • No local SBC needed
  • No logistics
  • Small setup costs
  • Network to Network SIP Trunk
  • Enhanced PBX features to combine the best of both worlds

ONE connection for ALL customers

  • Lower bandwidth requirements and more efficient use of licences
  • No local session border controller required
  • Better data security because there are no interconnected cloud services or providers
  • Multi-client capable and automable

MS Teams Presence in DesktopCommunicator

See MS Teams Presence:
  • Martin is in Teams presenting
  • Peter is in Teams talking
  • Thomas is in Teams presenting
  • Gerhard has an Outlook Appointment
Set Call Forwarding on your MS Teams Presence States
  • Forward call during Meetings
  • Forward calls if you are in MS Teams in a call