A software suite that enables telecom companies to manage their interconnect business.

  • + Import and evaluate supplier price lists
  • + Generate Least Cost and/or Quality Cost
  • + Routing proposals together with the VTEL C4 SSW
  • + Generate price lists based on pricing and routing
  • + Control traffic and quality parameters


  • + Evaluate CDRs with the rating system
  • + Prepaid control for wholesale
  • + Manage bilateral and volume commitments Billing

Wholesale Trading Platform :

WTP is designed to meet the needs of a telecom operator providing speed, accuracy, and stability.The automation of a telecom and interconnecting billing Operation is multi-dimensional and requires a suite of integrated programs and utilities to meet the needs and expectations of a typical operator. These programs and utilities are business and profile definition tools, data processing engines, financial tools, analytical tools, monitoring tools, mediation, billing, and reporting.

Business Entities Management :

The automation process starts by defining the business entities involved in a telecom operation. The system is fully configurable allowing the user/administrator to add, modify, and delete business process elements.

Rate and Dial Code Management :

Flexible pricing and billing are major goals and depend essentially on rate and dial-code management. The WTP is designed to provide user-friendly tools in order to easily and accurately manage rates, dial-codes, zones, commissions, and more.

Routing and Automation :

The core of the WTP automation lays within routing management. The proper handling of routes is the main key to running a profitable telecom operation. The LCR function, together with Quality thresholds allows the user to pre-define schemes and scenarios ensuring optimal performance.

Sales Management :

The WTP provides sales managers with flexible tools to ensure quick, accurate, and efficient operation providing a clear vision about traffic parameters such as attempts, minutes, and money
variations over predefined periods with forecasting capabilities.

Billing and Provisioning :

The billing process is conducted on CDRs received from the TELES C4 SSW . This process is fully automated, and billing is generated according to pre-defined schemes managed in full by
user-friendly interfaces.

Traffic Monitoring, QoS, and Reports :

The WTP provides the user with traffic monitoring and reportin in order to ensure safe and trouble-free operation. The administrator is able to monitor events on a real-time basis, create
customized alert thresholds using a variety of traffic monitoring parameters (such as ASR, ACD), take decisions, and communicate directly with the different departments.