VTEL's Voice Service Monitoring solutionis designed to monitor the connection quality of voice services in IP networks. It enables carriers to control user experience and constantly improve network performance for voice services.
Offering competitive voice services in today’s telecommunication networks presents new challenges for customer satisfaction. Specifically, ensuring sufficient voice quality has become a major issue. Since quality is constantly exposed to the dynamic behavior of IPnetworks poor connection quality has become a critical measure of Voice over IP. Continuous connection quality monitoring provides insight into your customers’ experience.
VOIPFUTURE’s pioneering monitoring solution not only provides clear insight, but also allowsaccess to an in-depth grasp of your network’s voice service performance and troubleshooting capabilitiesnot yet attained.
VOIPFUTURE’s unique evaluation algorithmand metrics makes possible a set of applications for the efficient operation of your network. Combinedwith superior processing performance on Gigabitlevel makes us the leading vendor of voice connectionmonitoring solutions.
The deployment of our solution provides our customers with cutting edge technology for premium services, more competitive products and reduced operational costs. VOIPFUTURE’s connection quality monitoring complements successful user experience management and efficient service operation.

Key Benefits :

·         Enable premium voice quality services
·         Increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn
·         Reduce the time and effort involved in solving
·         VoIP quality problems
·         Increase network performance & utilization
·         Reduce the bring-into-service time

Features : 

     Smart RTP Monitoring Probe

o   Our RTP Monitoring Probes are passive, non-intrusive measurement

o   devices located at demarcation points in the network such as SBCs,

o   gateways, peering points, etc. The probes are used for complete

o   data acquisition, evaluation of voice connection quality and processing

o   of a dedicated voice service metric – our Quality Data Records.


 Management Platform

o   Our Management Platform is a central server with an innovative

o   GUI that makes VoIP expert intelligence available, enabling

o   you to perfect your voice service and network performance. The

o   platform functions as a mediation device that aggregates QDRs

o   from all probes in your network. Information is constantly available

o   online for real-time monitoring as well as for performance

o   analysis and troubleshooting.



o   VOIPFUTURE has developed a unique technology for evaluating the

o   quality and performance of voice services in IP networks. Network

o   transport and device media processing is constantly analyzed for

o   quality impairments. Our algorithm determines root causes, provides

o   diagnostics and statistics based on a unique combination of packet

o   flow analysis and deep packet inspection. Quality Data Record (QDR)

o   carrying over 400 metric parameters are available for each 5s segment

o   of an individual call stream to track changes within the call.

o   Metric details are grouped to specific aspects of service assurance

o   and monitoring: user experience prediction, transport performance

o   analysis, conformance of critical VoIP implementation performance.