Routing Server

Routing Server



Class 4 Data Server simplifies routing management

  • + Improved routing maintainability
  • + Up to 25 million routes
  • + Enables real time routing changes
  • + Provides centralized network route management
  • + Enables sophisticated LCR applications



Product Overview

The Class 4 Data Server enables TELES Softswitch customers to set-up their own set of routing policies. It gives customers the freedom to interface to the routing engine based on a standardized interface which enables sophisticated LCR applications. Furthermore, this system is equipped with a wide range of different applications including:

- wholesale routing
- user-class routing
- number portability
- access list management


Technical Description

TELES Softswitch usually has an internal routing engine which determines the destination carrier based on a different set of routing roles.
If of the number of routing option increases, additional applications like number portability or user class routing become necessary, and the actual routing data is moved to an external data server. This data server will be queried by the TELES Softswitch. Having an external data server also enhances the performance of lookup service. The Class 4 Data Server allows customers to make specific changes to the database in a dynamic manner.