Mobile Roaming and International Calls :  


In today's competitive global economy companies need to communicate with their clients and colleagues  around the world in a highly mobile workplace across multiple time zones. Employees need to call who they need to, when they need to from wherever they are to close that sale or make your customer happy, without getting tied down at a desk phones.
Also, business travelers today depend on their mobile phones to stay in constant touch with their family, friends and colleagues from around the world. But the high cost of traditional mobile roaming makes these calls prohibitively expensive.

How it works :

The VTELs  Mobile Roaming products enable enterprises to fully leverage their existing  network infrastructure as well as their WLAN networks for enabling more efficient voice communication while drastically reducing the cost of mobile communication. This can be accomplished by offering its employees a true one number solution for their fixed line and mobile phones where the Mobile phone can either be connected via GSM or via WLAN while retaining the Enterprise PBX features.

Solution Architecture :

MC CLIENT :        


The client gives you a simple and intuitive GUI that hides all the complexities of Enterprise communication from the user. Simply make a call and use whatever features the client offers you. The Client will take care of selecting the best available baseband, the cheapest available cellular route while offering you access to your PBX features.The MC Client also offers an integrated GUI for all your communication needs, Telephony, Instant Messaging and Presence.

Mobile Convergence Controller :

The Controller is a component that fits into your existing corporate IT infrastructure and implements all necessary functions to extend out your Enterprise communication features to the Mobile phone. It will interface with your corporate PBX as well as other services such as Presence and IM and transparently bring those services to your Mobile phone. Contrary to competing offerings, the Comdasys Mobile Convergence Solution wants to leverage on your existing communication infrastructure. You hence do not need to upgrade your PBX, or replace your desktop phone to use it. Through our broad support for PBX systems from a multitude of vendors, we can integrate our Mobility solution with your existing equipment. In addition to this, the Mobile Convergence Controller features sophisticated deployment functionality that will make deploying

Benefits :

Cell Phone becomes corporate PBX extension with extension dialing and full-blown PBX feature access
Save Mobile Communication Cost through LCR and Travel SIM functionality
Improve Reachability of Employees and streamline corporate Communication
Leverage your own Network Infrastructure through Voice over WIFI functionality that enables improved indoor coverage and cordless phone replacement
Improved Control over Corporate Voice Communication
Bring Unified Communication out to your Coporate Mobile Phones and thus Mobilize your Unified Communication applications