Overview :

Mobile number portability (MNP) has become a matter of course in Turkey . Subscribers can easily change to another mobile operator without having to give up their well-known mobile phone numbers.  Currently, in Turkey around 15 Million Mobile subscribers have changed their mobile operators resulting in expensive cross network  calls which creates surprising telephone bill for enterprises.

What is Mobile Number Portability Database :

It is a database that is hosted by Telecommunication Authority which stores the data for the ported numbers. The database is updated with the daily ported data from each Mobile Operatore. The data in the IMNP db stores relationship between a ported number's prefix and the carrier that hosts this number .

How it works :

An add on to VTEL’s Mobile LCR solution,   a Mobile Gateway can inquiry MNP database which  matches the mobile operator with thedestination number before the call is set up. Call initiation can then occur using a SIM from the destination operator's network,resulting in the lowest possible call rate. Otherwise expensive cross-network calls dramatically increase enterprises phone bills.
As an example, a mobile number 90 542 444 56 78 which has a Vodafone Prefix is ported to Turkcell. An enterprise using VTEL’s Mobile LCR and Number Portability solution calling this number. In this case, the Mobile LCR will search the IMNP database, and will find out that the number is ported to Turkcell, it will than route the call from the Turkcell Sim card resulting in the most effective cost savings. Without this functinionality in place, Mobile LCR would look at the prefix of the destination number as Vodafone, and would send the call from Vodafone SIM Card which would cause a cross network call with a higher cost.