Start Savings today with VTEL's MOBILE LCR Solution :

Over 80% of companies’ telephone calls today no longer made to a Turkish Telekom fixed lines but, made to a cellphone. Least cost routing offers the cheapest way to make calls.
Turkish Telekom market is becoming more competitive day by day by the recent deregulations in the market. Today, Mobile Network Operator’s not only compete for ‘on-net’ calls but also for the cross network calls, and domestic& international calls.
VTEL LCR solution enables  enterprises to take advantage of the most advantegous tariffs offered by each operator and prevent them signing binding contract commitments  for a package offered by only one Mobile Network Operator.  Instead, now enterprises have the freedom to work with all the mobile operators offers and enjoy the cost savings on free minutes.

How it works :

Savings are achieved by utilising a smartfct, connected to the PABX in the same way as a normal telephone line, making the system seamless to implement. The router then “re-routes” calls according to a table of rules, on the path that incurs the least relative cost.

The table of rules is set up to take advantage of the most optimal call charges available per operator -utilizing the most effective tariffs/promotions-according to enterprises’s call pattern.
This means that calls to mobile phones are routed through the built-in GSM SIM card (connected to any one or multiple SIM cards connected to each of the three mobile cellular operators), while calls to national or international numbers are routed over a low price, high quality VOIP network, hereby delivering savings directly to the bottom line.
Through build in intelligent call counter, VTEL Mobile LCR Solution counts each call duration to any network and thus, prevents enterprise not to be overcharged by exceeding packaged minutes. Any sim card that is reached to the package limit is taken automatically from the operation.


  • Fast ROI through the dramatic cost savings on the companies telecom expense.
  • Helps Enterprises to avoid billing errors and supplier invoice inaccuracies as well as unnoticed supplier price increases are not uncommon. Neither is employee misuse of the infrastructure.
  • Helps enterprises to take advantage of the most competitive tariff&promotions offerings according to the company’s calling patterns thus cutting the cost to the bottom line.
  • Having multiple interfaces to Turkish Telekom , VOIP to Long Distance and SIM interface to MNO’s , make it possible to take advantage of all cost effective tarrifs of the operators in the market.
  • Montlhy reporting show how much savings enterprises gained through the LCR solutions.
  • Improve the company employees efficiency through improved calling patterns and Value added services.