Mobile Gateways



You benefit from TELES' any-to-any network connectivity. You can setup an international voice carrier with termination in different types of mobile networks using only TELES equipment. Regardless of whether calls are terminated in GSM, CDMA or 3G networks, TELES Access Mobile gateways are fully compatible with all protocols and equipment found in today's multi-vendor environment. In addition, iGATEs can be connected to NGN infrastructure as well as to legacy switching equipment. Save money and eliminate SIM card theft by centralizing storage using our vGATE SIM Server. 

Centralization enables extensive monitoring and every SIM card from the card pool can be made available to each mobile channel. This assures that the most attractive tariff option is used throughout the worldwide mobile gateway network. Automatically detect blocked SIM cards. Real-time alarm signaling enables immediate response, from a remote location, thereby ensuring minimum loss of traffic and revenue. 

To optimize cost savings, the TELES iMNP database matches the mobile operator with the destination number before the call is set up. Call initiation occurs using a SIMfrom the destination operator's network, resulting in the lowest possible call rate. Without the TELES iMNP, expensive cross-network calls dramatically increase the costs of the worldwide mobile network.

Ensure your independence, and significantly optimize the productivity and reduce the size of your support team. The TELES Network Management System provides the perfect solution to your configuration and maintenance needs. You can simultaneously administer, test, and maintain
up to 100,000 network elements.