Class 4 MGC

Class 4 MGC


TELES Next Generation Network (NGN) solutions enable you to build up new revenue streams, attract new users, improve margins, and reduce churn while you expand your network to new markets and offer new services. With a TELES NGN solution, you will leverage your current investment and enjoy a smooth migration.
TELES Media Gateway Controller is a carrier-grade scalable platform (media gateway controller and full-featured class 4 softswitch) which enables network operators to migrate to next generation networks. TELES.MGC's high degree of interoperability and across-the-board protocol support available allow it to fulfil a number of diverse NGN scenarios in multi-vendor environments, making it the solution of choice for those operators either seeking to build a new network, replace a common TDM backbone with NGN
components or interconnect with different carriers.

 Solution Highlights

Standard based, high performance & scalable NGN solution
Supports all major signaling protocols
Widely deployed multi-national SS7 solution
NEBS3 certified standard server platform
Geographical redundancy
Carrier class availability
Comprehensive system management capabilities
Lowers OPEX and CAPEX expenses

The C4 Softswitch supports all common carrier-to-carrier applications including:

  • + Toll Tandem
  • + Wholesale
  • + Long Distance
  • + Multi-Carrier Interconnection

Gateways are controlled using MGCP and/or H.248. SIP and H.323 are also supported. TELES C4 Softswitch supports full SS7 & ISDN signaling via SIGTRAN including many national signaling variants. SIGTRAN is supported at both M2UA and M3UA levels, giving you all of the SS7 configuration flexibility you require, while maintaining seamless connectivity to existing SS7/PSTN networks.

All C4 Softswitch capabilities are complemented with one of the most flexible and powerful routing engines on the market. This routing engine offers extensive policy support and a fully programmable API