Class 5 Softswitches




Residential VOIP ;

Teles's Residential VoIP Solution is a carrier-grade VoIP solution that offers everything a residential customer would expect from a traditional Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). It provides innovative voice features such as call waiting, CLIP/CLIR and call forwarding versions as well as regulatory services such as legal interception, number portability and emergency calling that are required for primary line installations. Teles's residential VoIP service is ideally suited for data access providers (e.g. ISPs and Cable Operators) without existing voice infrastructure. They can use VoIP as add-on product in order to make their broadband services more attractive and to extend their
internet business. 

Business SIP Trunking ;

The capability of TELES Business Trunking solution allows interconnecting with existing PBX systems based on VoIP and SIP, leveraging the broadband connectivity for enterprise incoming / outgoing voice calls. VoIP call termination to the Public switched telephony network (PSTN) could be either on ISDN or ISUP/SS7. An ENUM Gateway is also included as an essential component in the state of the art Teles Business Trunking solution. 

A Hosted IP PBX solution enables mobile-, fixed and service providers to offer voice services via the IP network. Traditional corporate PBX systems are replaced by a virtual PBX solution. From now on business customers need neither invest into their own telephone network nor in PBX systems. Instead, they can lease all voice services and PBX features from the service provider on a flat monthly rate. 
Our solution enables network operators to open up new revenue sources and save costs at the same time. The provider takes in additional monthly rent from his business customers. These regular receipts support him in properly planning his sales volume and keeping it stable.

Until now, the operator had delivered and installed PBX systems individually for every single company. This was very time-consuming and expensive. Now, Hosted IP PBX has made things much easier. The Operator only invests into a single hosting-platform, to which he can connect as many companies as he likes. 


TELES C5 Mobile Centrex solution is driving the convergence of fixed & mobile services and provides mobile operators with opportunity to offer new services to new and existing SME customers. Leveraging on TELES Mobile Centrex, mobile operators can complete their offer to business customer and answer all their telephony needs. 
By replacing their premise-based PBX system with a TELES C5 based solution leased from their mobile network provider, enterprise customers can experience substantial savings on their CAPEX and OPEX. The MobilePBX is connected to the mobile switching center (MSC) via a gateway. Incoming fixed number calls are then routed via a gateway connection to the Mobile PBX platform and then back to the GSM network