Class 5 Softswitches

Solution Components

Class 5 Server
Large Call Control Feature Set
Centralized Routing Engine
User & Feature Management
Enhanced features like Voicemail, Conferencing, SMS Messaging and
IVR assistant

Class 5 System Management Provisioning
Web based, centralized management system
Multi Client capability and role based security concept
Customer Self Service Interfaces
Easy integration through standardized XML interfaces

System generates Call Detailed Records (CDR)
Interface for CDR mediation platform

Class 5 System Management Device Management System - Plug & Play
Automated configuration and management of SIP hard phones and IADs
Fully automated, easy to use, web based rollout and configuration of ALL soft clients
Centralized storage for voicemail, announcements and client

Alarming & Backup
SNMP support
Interfaces for existing Alarming umbrella management system (e.g. NetCool, Unicenter)
Online full and differential backup concept Integration into existing umbrella management (e.g. Legato, HP Open View)

Web based Provisioning System
Look & Feel can be changed (Skinning)
Fully redundant
Role based security concept - Additional roles can be easily added

Call Feature Set
Calling Line Identification Restriction
(CLIR) ,Calling Line Identification
Presentation (CLIP)
Speed Dial, Redial, Recall
Direct Dialing Incoming (DDI)
Direct Dialing Outgoing (DDO)
Call Forwarding Unconditional
(CFU), Call Forwarding Busy (CFB)
Call Forwarding No Reply (CFNR),
Call Forwarding Selective (CFSE),
Call Forwarding Timeout (CFTO),
Call Forwarding Unregistered
Voice Messaging / Voice Mail
Conference Call
User Groups
ACD extensions
Outgoing / Incoming Calling Plan
Alternate Numbers (alias)
Client Matter Code (CMC)
Skip Feature on Loop
Unattended Transfer, Attended
Multiple Subscriber Number
TWIN Number
Call Waiting (CW), Call Hold (CH)
Manager / Secretary Team Feature
Parallel Ringing (PRNG)
Call Completion No Reply (CCNR),
Call Completion Busy (CCBS), Call
Back Number (CBNR)
Call Park, Call Pickup
Music on Hold
Early Media
Night Mode
Instant Messaging, SMS, Email
Call Queuing (Hunt Group)
Pickup Call Queuing
Conferencing Bridge 
Remote Speech Control

Easy to use Web based Provisioning
Zero touch client configuration
"One Click" web based installation of
soft clients