Class 5 Softswitches





  • Standard based & scalable Class 5 solution
  • Carrier-grade reliability and availability
  • Provides hosting subscriber-based VoIP applications
  • For business and residential customers
  • Allows customization of service packages
  • Managed Soft client and IP Phone portfolio
  • Comprehensive system management capabilities
  • Integrated system and device management
  • Web-based Customer Self-Services
  • Role-based web provisioning system
  • IMS ready

TELES C5 VoIP product family is an open architecture in terms of hardware, software and the used protocols. TheTELES C5 ?Frame work represents the heart for enabling different functional services via the centralized SIP call control. Depending on the customer requirements, IP Centrex, mobilePBX or any other kind of TELES C5 module can be activated and used for successful service launch of ?managed services?.


Open architecture
The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) guarantees smooth interaction between network, access and back office equipment. Interoperability in the access sector incorporates Integrated Access Devices (IADs), access gateways, IP telephones and soft clients. 3rd Party components are used to provide media gateway
and media server functionality. This architecture offers the highest flexibility in terms of future extensions of the system.


ENUM compliant
The MissisSIPpi VoIP portfolio of Kapsch CarrierCom is Electronic Number Mapping (ENUM) compliant
and ENUM can also be activated for solutions already in use. This new internet standard interconnects
internet-voice telephony with the traditional telephone network.


IMS ready
SIP and IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) will be the common standards in the near future. Thus, our solution
is ready for the upcoming changes like (FMC) Fixed mobile convergence. So Kapsch?s MissisSIPpi VoIP
product family can be integrated or used in both environments further on without major adjustments.


TELES C5 Framework 
The heart of the system is provided by a SIP Proxy that has been developed completely by TELES


TELES IP Centrex 
The hosted VoIP platform for carriers, service providers and their business customers


TELES mobilePBX 
The convergent VoIP platform for mobile business services


TELES Residential 
The Rock solid Class 5 Residential VoIP services


TELES VoIP Routing 
The flexible solution for VoIP interconnection routing


TELES C5 Compact 
The concise VoIP solution for small sized carriers and service