Class 4 Softswitch Overview :


VTEL C4 Softswitch meets all carrier-grade requirements including full component redundancy and five-nines availability. The C4 Softswitch is based on fully distributed, modular, and cost-effective TELES cluster architecture. The use of TELES cluster technology ensures that the C4 Softswitch is one of the most highly scalable solutions available – suitable for small and large-scale configurations alike. Our C4 Softswitch offers cutting edge performance and is ideally suited to high peak loads and short call duration value-added services.

Gateways are controlled using MGCP and/or H.248. SIP and H.323 are also supported. VTEL C4 Softswitch supports full SS7 & ISDN signaling via SIGTRAN including many national signaling variants. SIGTRAN is supported at both M2UA and M3UA levels, giving you all of the SS7 configuration flexibility you require, while maintaining seamless connectivity to existing SS7/PSTN networks.

All C4 Softswitch capabilities are complemented with one of the most flexible and powerful routing engines on the market. This routing engine offers extensive policy support and a fully programmable API.

The C4 Softswitch supports all common carrier-to-carrier applications including:

  • Long Distance International Call Termination :


    Wholesale :